“Do Not Keep JESUS To Yourself But SHARE Him With Others Too!”

27 02 2012

Shalom and greetings I bring to you my dearly beloved friends around the globe in the mighty name of Our Lord Jesus Christ our perfect Savior, Redeemer and Deliverer. My prayer for you today my friends are that what ever storms that are hitting you today will all be calmed down when you invite Jesus into your life. Invite Him today and see the Lord deliver you from the Storms that are hitting you from every sides. Continue to read the rest of the article and Be Blessed at all times. Dearly beloved friends, as we take a look at the above topic you will see that many of us are going through the Storms in our life. There are a few of us who can overcome this Storms in our life because we have indeed invited Jesus to be in our lives. What about those who are still struggling to overcome the storms that they are going through this time? Many of them have not known who Jesus Christ really is! It is because we who have tasted the goodness of Christ in our lives have indeed not shared this with others who do not know who Jesus really is!

Dear friends, I bet you that there are many who are not believers and some who say that they are believers but are struggling in the storms that are hitting their lives today. Are we sharing our experience how Jesus deliveredĀ  us from the Storms that hit us in the past and also at present how are we handling things in our life with Jesus as the main source of our solution to the problems that we are facing today? Are we telling others that if Jesus is with us we can Smile at the Storms that comes our way? Are we able to give assurance to others that when they have Jesus in their lives, the Storms can be calm down?

My beloved friends, there are many of them who are finding a way or a solution of how they could get out of the problems that they are facing today! Some have even gone under depression and stress trying to overcome to solve their problems today. Some are worried everyday on how are they going to face each new day with all these storms pf problems in their life! Have we ever thought of that my friends? There are many out there who are waiting for a solution to their problems. Many of us who are believers just want to keep JESUS to ourselves and we do not want to SHARE Him with others. I am not telling you to go and force people to convert themselves but to tell them the goodness of Our Lord Jesus.None should be deprived from knowing the goodness of our Lord Jesus and that He is their solution in times of distress!

Dearly beloved friends, in which ever we can we should be able to talk about Jesus everyday to who ever we meet Today. Do lot lose the opportunity that is given to you to evangelize about Our Lord Jesus when you were given a chance to do so. Do not lose on the OPPORTUNITY that was given to you because you will never have that chance to tell about Jesus to that thirsty Soul who was given to you to talk about the goodness of our Lord Jesus. It is really not easy to save one soul my friends. There will be great rejoicing in heaven over one saved soul over a multitude of righteous people.

Dearly beloved friends, start sharing Jesus with your friends today who do not know Him. Let them too Taste and see that the Lord Jesus is good. That Jesus will lead them through the storms in their lives. That He is their healer and deliverer. That Jesus is their provider and the One that sustains them always. That Jesus is their Peace and their refuge in times of trouble. If we as believers who know the truth about Jesus and we do not bring the knowledge of Him to others, Who will do it? Do not be held accountable when God questions you! Have a Blessed and Meaningful Season of Lent 2012.

God Bless





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