6 03 2012

Shalom and greetings to you my beloved friends around the globe in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ our Perfect Savior, Redeemer and Deliverer. My prayer for you today my friends, is that each of you will be able to see others through the eyes of our Lord Jesus Christ.May you have the compassion and Love unto others as how Our Lord Jesus demonstrated His love for all mankind. Continue to read the rest of the article and Be Blessed and Stay Blessed at all times. Dearly beloved friends, how many of us as believers and children of God are looking at others through the eyes of our Lord Jesus Christ. As we are all in the season of Lent it is really a good time to see our true inner self. Are we who we really are when we say that we are believers in Christ Jesus? Truly it is never easy to be called a believer. The reason is first and foremost we must as believers have a Forgiving heart and be able to forgive others. I have personally heard believers saying that they would not forgive that person for what they had done to him or her! There is revenge and bitterness still within many believers of today. Please do not get upset on what I am telling you today my friends!

Let us all be honest about it. How many of us today are on a full fast because of the Lent season? I am sure that there are a majority of us going on a full fast. During this time of fasting the devil is always on the prowl looking for who he can devour at this time of the Lent season! The devil will create situations whereby he can get people to get into quarrel and misunderstanding with one another. The devil will create bitterness and anger to arise within believers. The spirit of being revengeful towards one another.This is what the Satan and his cohorts will do to the people of God to break their fast. At the end of the day their fasting ends up in quarrel and misunderstanding! Many believers are ignorant about this.

Dear friends, our Lord Jesus wants each and everyone of us to look at others as how he sees others. Today, if you meet a beggar on the road, how do you see him? If you are sitting beside a person who has a skin disease, how do you see him or her? If you are sitting beside your enemy how do you react to him or her? How do you react to those who have back stabbed you and say all kinds of bad things about you? You have been mocked and been abused by words from your own family and friends? How do we as believers see all these through the eyes of Jesus Christ? If that was Jesus Christ he would forgave them all and remember their sins no more. But what about us? Are we ready to follow in the step of our Lord Jesus because we are his disciples and his children! Are we able to Forgive all our trespassers? Are we able to love them because Jesus Christ loved us all when we were still yet sinners?

Dearly beloved friends, this is what we call as Agape Love, that is the Love of God. God loved us till it hurts. God gave up His only Son Jesus Christ for us all regardless of who we are. God did not see from what color, race and religion that we come from. God loved us all equally.Today, as believers and children of God, are we able to see through the eyes of Jesus Christ to forgive one another and love one another? I know it is never easy, but at this time of Lent, let us pray in one accord to ask God to help us to decrease ourselves and increase Jesus Christ within us that we will be able to look at others through the eyes of Jesus Christ our Lord and be able to forgive others from the bottom of our heart. Friends, let us all have a Blessed and a Meaningful Season of Lent 2012.

God Bless





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