“Trusting God In EVERYTHING, Shows The FAITH and BELIEVE That You Have In HIM”

21 03 2012

Shalom and greetings I bring to you my beloved friends around the globe today in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Our Perfect Savior, Redeemer and Deliverer. My prayer for you my beloved friends is that whatever plans you have today, SURRENDER it fully to God. When you SURRENDER your ALL to Jesus you will see that your ALL is met through Jesus Christ as you put your Trust and Believe in Him. Continue to read the rest of the article and Be Blessed at all times.Dearly beloved friends, I thank God for giving me this precious time to be with you all and to write this article. I hope and pray that my articles will be a blessing to all of you in some way or another. I use to be in situations where at time I feel helpless and weak. What I always do is I will read up some articles from any Christian sources and of course the Bible too which is the written Word of God. In some way or another, God’s word speaks to me. I gain and renew my strength through the word of God either from written articles or from the written word of God from the Bible. I pray that my written articles too will be a blessing to all of you.

Dearly beloved friends, how much can we trust God in EVERYTHING? To me it is 100% that I will trust my God in EVERYTHING and not in SOMETHINGS cause God is my Creator and He knows me very well. God saw my unformed body and His hands formed me even when I was in my mothers womb. Who knows me better than my Creator?  No one except God. God has planned all good things for me ahead. I just only have to fit into the plans of God according to His perfect will. All my days are already ordained in His book. The problem with the majority of us is that we find it so hard and difficult to trust God. That is why many of us are struggling with life’s journey.

Dearly beloved friends, What is Faith? Faith is believing what you receive from God even without seeing it. Jesus says that we are a Blessed generation! Do you know why my friends? The people and the disciples believed in Jesus Christ because they saw all the miracles that He did in front of their very eyes. They believed and got saved. But we the generation of today, we have not seen the Christ Jesus, yet we believe in Him according to the Holy Scriptures. That is Faith my friends. Continue to have this Faith in our Lord Jesus and believe that He will do all things for you at His appointed time. You and I just need to have the Faith as small as the mustard seed to move the hands of God. We need to have this child like Faith in God. A child will trust you in anything. I have done this small experiment with my little daughter when she was  a year old. I use to put her stand at the edge of the table and move away from there and call her to jump to me and she did it. She knows that I will not let her fall but will carry her in my hands. Same thing I did with my son. You see, this childlike Faith should be within us at all times knowing that God will never ever let us fall if we trust and believe in Him at all times.

Dearly beloved friends, putting your trust and believe in God needs Faith in trusting God that he will do all things for you even before you see and receive it. Trusting God will not make the mountains in your life small but it will make you easy to climb those mountains. The psalmist says that God has given us the feet of a deer to climb the heights of the mountain. But it is we who find it so difficult to trust God in EVERYTHING! We have seen how God delivered the children of  Israel out of Egypt. God released them from the bondage of the Egyptians. God fed the children of Israel with the food of angels. God gave them manna and rained quail from the heaven to feed the children of Israel. Even in the New Testament Jesus fed the five thousand and the four thousand. It is all a matter of putting our Faith into action. The written word of God says, that without Faith it is impossible to please God.

Dearly beloved friends, the Psalmist says that, “Those who trust in the Lord are like Mount Zion that will never be shaken but endures forever.” With this I am ending my article my beloved ones. Have a truly blessed and meaningful season of Lent 2012.

God Bless





3 responses

27 04 2012

Hi dear, Every word you are issuing really affecting me.I knew you are very heartfully loving the God Jesus.We got two boys both are really gift of God.I was informed inadvance through the dream about their birth day,sex even the shape.God is amezing and full of love.God never punish us but we are.I love God in the name of Jesus but still I am hindu.
God bless you.

8 12 2012

Your relationship with Jesus Christ the Lord is what matters most. have a good relationship with Jesus Christ your friend at all times.You are a child of God. Stay blessed at all times and God Bless.

7 05 2013

Greetings to you and your family bro. God is good all the time and all the time God is good. Have a blessed day and stay blessed at all times. God Bless.

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