“At This Very Moment All You Ever Need Is God,” Trust Me

24 03 2012

Shalom and greetings I bring to you my beloved friends around the globe in the the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ our Perfect Savior, Redeemer and Deliverer. My prayer for you my friends is that to put your Trust in God. Have Faith in God that He will do all things for you at His appointed time. Your strength is from the Lord Jesus Christ.Continue to read the rest of the article and be Blessed at all times.Dearly beloved friends, I bring to you again in the most blessed name of our lord Jesus Christ. Looking at the above topic, there are many of us out there who are in a really hopeless situation. You cannot swallow nor throw out your problems. When there is nothing left but God that is when you find out that God is all you ever need at this moment of time. In such a hopeless situations even your own family and friends will desert you. But be assured that at all times when you feel that you are all alone in this world, God is telling you till this day, that He will never ever go back on the promises that He gave you and I. It is all a matter of whether will you believe and have Faith that God can intervene and change your life?

Dearly beloved friends, as I always use to say, we are all weak in our own very ways. No one is perfect and without sin. If anyone boldly say that they are without sin they make God to become a liar. All of us have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. God always allows each and everyone of His child a U-Turn in his or her life. The world and society that you are in today will condemn you till the maximum but God does not condemn anyone despite of our sins, shortcomings and weaknesses. Do not be discouraged by how the world looks at you. Look upward how God looks at you. That is more important. Do not live for the world. Live for God only. Do not please the world, see how you can please God in all your ways.

Dearly beloved friends, you my be one out of the millions that is crying out to God today. God sees your every drop of tears. God knows what you have been going through when no one else knows your current situation. How much you are suffering in silence does matter to God. Yes, you are really in a deep messed up situation! But do you not think that God can fix that situation  that you are in today? God had fixed the lives of many of His servants. None of them were perfect in their ways. Take King David for instance. King David was a child after God’s heart yet he did committed sin before God alone and he knew how to get back to God. If you are a believer go to Psalm 51 and read it. It is a Psalm of repentance. God does not want any one of us to perish in our sins that is why God sent His only Son Jesus Christ to redeem us all from the death of sin.

Dearly beloved friends, you may be trapped in an illegal activity, an illegal business transaction, a wrong relationship or trapped in some way that you feel that there is no way out for you to escape from that situation. Behold, Jesus said that He is the Way, the Truth and the Life!.There is a Way out through Jesus Christ. Let Him show you the Way out. Jesus Christ is the Truth. Let Him show you the Truth so that you can be set Free. Jesus is the Life. Let Him show you the Life that you can have in Him.God did not send Jesus to the world to judge us nor to condemn us but to save us from the clutches of sins that was planned by the evil one.

Dearly beloved friends, God heard your cry today out of that millions. God wants to set you free today. Yes, you are the one that God is speaking to today. Do not be ignorant that there is no way out. Everyone has already abandon you but not God. God will make a way for you when there seems to be no way out. There is only One Way and that One Way is through Jesus his son. God gave His only son up for you, me and mankind regardless of your race and religion. Today is your appointed time to be delivered. Be delivered and be set Free. The choice is again in your hands! God did not ask you for any sacrifice because Jesus Christ has already became your sacrifice of sins 2000 years ago at Calvary.  It is still up to You to Believe and get saved and be freed from the current situation that you are really trapped in. Only God can lift you out of that drastic situation you are in today! Have a Blessed and a Meaningful Season of lent 2012.

God Bless





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