“Prayer Should Not Be Our Last Resort”

26 03 2012

   Dearly beloved friends, greetings I bring to you again in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Looking at the above topic, many of us as usual by nature when we are struck with problems the first thing that we ever do will be first to try to take care of it by ourselves. Second we may call up a friend and try to talk it over and finding ways to get out of it . Finally when both the things do not work out then only do we want to seek the council of help from God. It is by human nature for the majority of us to trust on our own flesh and also trusting others who are around us. PRAYER to God will always be our last attempt and our last resort.

Dearly beloved friends, it is so easy for us to put our trust in mere human beings rather than putting our Trust and Faith in the Creator that created you and I. We rather put our trust and faith in the created things of God rather than putting our Trust and Faith in the hands of the Creator that created us all in His own image! Who knows us so well if it is not God? Does our family and friends knows us that well for us to put our trust and faith in them? Too often Prayer is not our first response to trouble. We may try to figure out a solution by ourselves, using our own skills or financial resources which at the end will still not work.

Dearly beloved friends, Prayer Changes Things. God calls us out to burden Him with all our anxieties and problems. God asks us to cast all our burdens unto Him and He will carry it for us. Do you not think that God does not know what you are going through at this time? The sufferings of life problems that by your own weaknesses that you have brought upon yourselves? We are all weak by nature and we do at times make mistakes in the decisions that we are call to make. At times we make wrong decisions in life because we have not put it into prayer first. We deal our decisions by trusting on our own flesh. That is why the written word of God says, “Do not depend on your own understanding but seek the council of the Most High God! But rarely many of us will opt for that decision.

Dearly beloved friends,  a very good example of a person who seeks Prayer first in everything is our Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus is our perfect example. In all things that he does from miracles to healing, Jesus Christ in Everything put it in Prayer first. Even before being crucified at Calvary, Jesus went to the Garden of Gethsamane to pray to His Father in Heaven. When the Son of God himself can get down on his knees to pray, who are we to depend on our own flesh?  In the book of James in the New Testament it is clearly written,”Is anyone among you suffering? Let him pray!” (James 5:13) In the book of the Prophet Jeremiah 33:3 it is written, “Call unto Me and I will answer You!” Even in the book of Psalms it is written, “God looks down on His people to see if any has call upon Him.”

Dearly beloved friends, here I would like to thank my late mum, who always taught us to seek God in prayer when we are faced with problems that hits us like storm. She was a woman of Prayer. This is what she has left for me and my siblings that we should seek God in good times and in bad times. For my mum, as a child I grew, all I ever saw in her is Prayer, Prayer and Prayer. Life was not easy for us but because of her Prayers and seeking God at all times, things were set for us in place. Even today as a single mum, what my mum has passed down to me the same thing I tell both my kids, to seek God at all times and Pray in every situation and circumstances. That is how I am surviving till today. Prayer is my key to all my answered prayers. Believe me my friends. If you are not going to trust God, who are you going to Trust? Have a Blessed and a Meaningful Season of Lent 2012.

God Bless





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