Have You Had A “Hug Of The Heart” Today?

28 03 2012

Shalom and greetings I bring to you my beloved friends around the globe in the name of our Sweet Lord Jesus Christ our Perfect Savior, Redeemer and Deliverer. My prayer for you my beloved ones, is that God our Father will draw each one of us closer to His heart daily to hear His Heart beat for you my friends. There is nothing like being in the presence of God. There is no place in fact like being in the presence of the Holy God. Continue to read the rest of the article and may you always stay blessed and be blessed at all times.Dearly beloved friends, each day I thank God for new friends that I get around the globe daily. Even though I may not know you personally but I believe that we are connected and bound together by the Holy Spirit. Each day is a blessed day for me because I am spiritually connected with each one of you through the Word of God. Friends, looking at the above topic, I bet that many of us would love to be“hugged” by the person that we love. It could be a hug from our parents, our spouse, our children, our siblings and also our friends! But do you and I know that God our Father in Heaven is ever willing to give us the “Hug of the Heart?” We are so busy with all our daily agendas that we tend to forget that God too hugs His children. God our Creator longs for our fellowship even more than we long for His.

Dearly beloved friends, God created us to have fellowship with Him. God wants us to talk to Him daily and not only talk to Him when we are in a big problem. God wants us to reach out to Him daily meaning 24/7 . We are all children of the living God and if we are His children than God is Our Father. Don’t we all seek to see our dads daily? That is how it is with God. I use to see my daughter hugging her late dad and sleeping on his chest just to hear his heartbeat! When my girl was born, my late hub use to put her to sleep on his chest and so peacefully she will sleep as a baby on his chest. And the same thing he did too with my son. They both love to sleep on his chest, I bet just to hear his heart beat.

Dear friends, when God hugs His children,we will have the “Hug of His Heart!” God welcomes us all no matter who you are and from whatever background you come from.God wants us to come to Him as little children. As the written word of God in the gospel of St Mark 10:16 it says, “He took little children up in His arms and blessed them.” Jesus is still in the child-embracing ministry today. In fact there are many of God’s children, much older ones have experienced His unseen everlasting arms around them and beneath them. To tell you the fact, I am also one of those who really experienced the “Hug of the Heart” from God when I called upon Him in the time when I was in distress and in trouble. God heard my cry when I called upon Him saying, “Lord, I need my dad but he is not around anymore because he is with you. I need to be in your everlasting arms God to be assured that you will always be with me till the end.” OMG! The experience that I felt in my bedroom was totally a different one. I could feel the hands of God like the wings of the dove around me that cuddled me and gave me the assurance saying, “I will never leave you nor forsake you!”  That was when I felt the divine presence of God, Abba my Father in my bedroom. That was the “Hug of the Heart” from Abba my God. Till today God’s presence have never ever left me. God’s presence was always my rear guard.

Dearly beloved friends, today whether we are young or old, strong or weak,God wants us to cuddle close to Him in a childlike trust.God will respond through His indwelling Spirit by drawing us to Himself to comfort and to bless us. Have you had the “Hug of the heart” today? Have a truly Blessed and a Meaningful Season of Lent 2012.

God Bless





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