“The Real Truth Of The Ressurection Of Our Lord Jesus Christ!”

8 04 2012

Shalom and greetings I bring to all of you my friends around the globe in the Resurrected name of Our Lord Jesus Christ, our Perfect Savior, Redeemer and Deliverer. My prayer for you today my friends is that, because Jesus Lives, You too Live. It is no longer that you who lives but Christ Jesus that lives within You. Continue to read the rest of the article and be Blessed at all times.Jesus Christ is Risen, Yes, He is Risen Indeed!Dearly beloved friends, Easter celebration is not all about Easter bunnies and Easter eggs.Believers tend to give more preference to Easter bunnies and Easter eggs, forgetting the ultimate Resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The main reason that we are celebrating Easter is to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ 2000 years ago. Let us not get out of focus or the evil one will come and confused the mind of believers who are weak.

Dear friends, there are three ultimate Truth to the Lord’s resurrection. The resurrection of Jesus Christ, first of all, reveals that true love never dies. Jesus who is the embodiment of love, who taught nothing but to love could not be held slave by death. When the name of Jesus is mentioned, all I ever come to know about the name of Jesus is LOVE! Jesus was loving to all in every way. Jesus loved everyone no matter who we are. That is Jesus and he made a difference by sacrificing himself on the Cross for our sins.

The resurrection of Jesus Christ, secondly manifests the power of Truth. The Jewish authorities used treachery to condemn him,falsely accused him to charge him, bribed to silence the truth about the resurrection. But the Truth prevailed! Even after 2000 years, the truth of Jesus’ resurrection is still proclaimed and is believed by all believers throughout the world.The grave itself could not contain the Creator that created all creation. That is the Truth of the resurrection of Our Lord Jesus.

The resurrection of  Jesus Christ, thirdly proclaims that good will ultimately triumph over evil. Jesus was tempted, criticised for being the friend of the poor,the destitute,the outcast and  the sinners. Jesus was condemned to death for blasphemy. The crucifixion and the death of  Jesus seemed to assert the triumph of evil over good, but the resurrection proclaims emphatically that the ultimate winners are goodness, truth, faithfulness and selfless love.

Yes, my beloved friends, those are the ultimate Truth of the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are all indeed serving a resurrected Lord and God. That is our gospel to all the people that we meet. That Jesus Christ suffered, died, was buried and on the third day He rose again from the grave. Jesus came down from heaven to earth,to show the way,from earth to the grave, our debts to pay and from the grave to God to reconciled us back to the Father in Heaven. Jesus Christ mission is accomplished by His Resurrection on Easter Sunday. Have a Blessed Resurrection Sunday and a Blessed Easter week ahead.

Greater is He that is within me than of he who is of this world!

God Bless





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