“What Does God Says?”

15 04 2012

Shalom and greetings I bring to you my beloved friends around the globe in the name of Our Mighty and Resurrected Lord Jesus Christ our Perfect Savior, Redeemer and Deliverer. My prayer for you is that you should inclined your ear to what God has to say to you my beloved ones. Continue to read the rest of the article and be blessed at all times.Dearly beloved friends, most of us at times are so busy doing and chasing after the things that really does not grant us any peace. We tire ourselves out doing extra work just to meet our daily needs. We spend less time with the family and also lose the most quality time that we need to spend with our children. The busy things that we get ourselves involved daily have made us to be deaf to hear what God has to say to us!

Beloved friends, there are three things in life that will make us to divert from hearing what God has to say to us. Firstly, Money says, “Earn Me and Forget Everything.” Many of us are really stuck in this area. Is money everything? We see people trying to earn money and they fall into the trap of money. They become a slave to the money. Money is the root to all evil. Just to become rich, people have gone indeed into wrong ways to earn that money. They get themselves trapped in illegal activities just to make themselves rich. When they have that kind of money they tend to forget everything including God and their family! Is it worth it? You cannot serve two masters, it is either God or Money?

Secondly, Time says, “Follow Me and Forget Everything.” Yes, this is another area in our life where we become slaves to time. Have you seen people who are workaholics? They work and work and they become like zombies. Same thing too,they do not have time to go to church or spend quality time with family and friends! They spend ample of time but there is no peace within them. They become so stress out and finally they become so depressed in life. Is it worth it, at the end of the day?

Thirdly, Future says,”Struggle for Me and Forget Everything.” This is indeed very true my friends. I have seen this happening to many people. There are parents and people who struggle very hard to secure their future and the future of their children. They will go all out to struggle for the needs of the future and forget everything. One good example that we can take is when we see things happening in the families. At times married couples have to leave one another and work in different countries where they are paid absolutely well. But sad to say, at the end of the day, their relationship is broken down and they end up in divorce. Majority of cases ends up in this manner. Is it worth it?

Finally, God says, “Remember Me and Get Everything.” Yes, my beloved ones. It is absolutely true. At times we tend to Forget God because we are so inclined to the three things that have taken us away from listening to what God has to say to each one of us. Money, Time and Future became such importance to us that we have forgotten that if we could just Remember God, He will gives us all the good things that we need in life. God does not hold back any good things from His children. God is a good God who showers blessings upon His children if they really seek Him genuinely with all their heart and mind.

Dearly beloved friends, we need not struggle in life. God is there at all times now and forever. Let us walk daily with God and surrender all our shortcomings into His everlasting hands. God is there already in our future and remember that our future is only in God’s hand! No one knows our future but only God who created us all. So, instead of going after things that does not benefit us at all, let us go seeking after God’s heart and to remember Him at all times.God gives us Everything! Ask and it shall be given, Seek and you shall find, Knock and the door will be open! Have a truly Christ centered day and stay blessed always.

God Bless





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