“God Is All That You Ever Need”

3 05 2012

Shalom and greetings I bring to you my beloved friends around the globe in the Mighty and Resurrected name of Our Lord Jesus Christ our perfect Savior, Redeemer and Deliverer. My prayer for you today my friends, is that you depend on God at all times and see the deliverance that takes place in your life. God is good all the time and all the time God is good. Take time to read the rest of the article and be blessed always. Dearly beloved friends, many people have said that they have everything that the world can give them and they are happy with it.  I told them back in return that I do not have everything that the world wants to give me but I have God with me who created this universe and all that is in it and God will give me all things according to His glorious richness in heaven! Who is more blessed? The person who has the creator with them or the things of the world?

Dearly beloved friends, the written word of God says, “Do not be conform to the patterns of this world but be transformed by the renewing of our mind by the word of God!” Many have been and are still following the world. The written word of God says, “Follow Me” and not “Follow the World!” Despite that that, there are still people who opt to follow the world rather than follow God. They believe that the world has much more to offer them than God has. They are so glued to the world that whatever you tell them they will not remove themselves from the things of the world.  To them that is the best things is life. They need more physical things to make them happy than to have the spiritual things that will save their spirit, soul and body.

Many are more interested in things that are temporary than of things that are eternal. In this world what we all ever need is God. When you have God with you, you have it all physically and spiritually. People in the Old testament such as Abraham was blessed spiritually and physically. Abraham was a very wealthy person. And so was Job. Who ever said that if we have God first in our life we will not be blessed with physical blessings?

When do we need God? Is it yearly, monthly, weekly or daily? There are many who only need God yearly on special occasions. Some need God only on a monthly basis. Still others need God on a weekly basis that is only on a Sunday. Others need God daily. I am not judging anyone but on which category do we fall into?

Dear people of God, we need God daily and every moment and hour of our lives. Without God with us daily we will fail in all things that we do. We need to ask God for His guidance and wisdom to run our daily life and routine. Whatever we plan to do, put everything to God in prayer first and you will see the success that you get. Whatever battle that is within you, surrender the battle to God and He will give you the Victory.

What is money, wealth, property and entertainment that the world can give you? It can all just collapse in one go if your health is affected with a serious and deadly disease. We at times want to feed our soul and bodies with all the worldly things in it but we tend to forget to nourish it with the spiritual word of God. That is why I said that we need God at all times and God is all that you ever need. You have God, you have it All my friends. God’s desire is to bless His people with all kinds of Blessings from above. The decision is yours to choose my friends. God has given us a freewill to choose. You cannot serve two masters. It is either God or Money! Have a truly blessed day and stay blessed always. 

God Bless

In His Service





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