“What Does God Wants From Us?”

4 06 2012

Shalom and greetings I bring to you my beloved friends around the globe in the Mighty and Resurrected name of Our Lord Jesus Christ our Savior, Deliverer and Redeemer. My prayer for you my beloved friends is that we need to be connected to God daily to hear Him speak to us. God has time to listen to you but do you have time to talk to God? Do read the rest of the article and be blessed at  all times because this is God’s will for you. Dearly beloved friends, as we take a look at the above topic have we at ever one time know what God wants from us? Most of the time when we come before God all we ever asks from God is to bless us at all times and to provide us with all things. And knowing that God is an ever loving God, he always grants us what we want. God does not with hold His blessings and prayer request from His children.

Dear friends, all we ever do is ask, ask and ask. We never ever stop asking from God. Have we ever stop and pause for a while to ask God, what does he really need from us? Today do you know what God wants from us my beloved ones? God is asking you for your Voice. You may ask, “My Voice! For what?” Yes, God is asking from each one of us our Voice and are we willing to give God our voice?

Dearly beloved friends, have you ever wondered why God is asking for our Voice? Most of us use our voice for the wrong purpose. We use our voice to gossip about others. We use our voice to curse others rather than blessing them. We use our voice to slander one another. We use our voice to break open a secret that has been entrusted to us. We use our voice to bring out words that are not appropriate to come out of the mouth of a believer.These are what the majority of us will do with our voice. Seldom do we use our voice for God.

Dearly beloved friends, today there is a calling from God to each one of us to use our Voice for Him. We are to use our voice to praise God’s holy name. We are to use our voice to worship God in the splendor of his Holiness. We are to use our voice to magnify God. We are to use our voice to bring the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to every suffering soul. We are to use our voice to bring forth healing to those who are suffering from all kinds of diseases and infirmities. This is what we are called to do as children of God. Remember that we are God’s vessel to the nation out there.

Dearly beloved friends, today are we going to answer to that call of God? Many souls are perishing without knowing the true gospel of the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. Many are falling away from their faith.Many are down trodden because we do not use our voice to tell the testimony of all the good things and miracles that happen in our life. Today the choice is yours with what you are going to do with your voice. Are we going to use our voice for the glory of God or for the worldly things of this world. Think about it. Have a truly blessed week ahead and stay blessed at all times. My heartfelt prayer is always for each one of you and your family. Love you all with the love of God.

God Bless





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