“Calling Upon God”

16 06 2012

Shalom and greetings I bring to you my beloved friends around the globe in the Mighty and Resurrected name of Our Lord Jesus Christ who is our Savior, Redeemer and Deliverer. My prayer for you today is that be strong at all times and do not falter in times of weaknesses because you are a child of God. Do take time to read the rest of the article and stay blessed at all times for this is God’s will upon your.Dearly beloved friends, how often do we call upon God? Do we call upon him only when we need God to do some kind of favors for us or only to answer all our prayer request? At times we only want to make use of God to grant us this and that. Have we ever thought of calling upon God everyday in our daily life?

Dear friends, why did you ever think that God created the man Adam? Was it not to have fellowship with man that God created him? God created and fashioned us in His own hands that we are designed to have day to day fellowship with God. It is not only on Sundays or celebration days that we want to seek God and thank him.

Have you ever felt that at times you are being used by your friends only when they need you? They call you only when you are needed by them for their own gain. At times we only see them after several months after they have got what they wanted from us, right? We do really get upset with people with this kind of attitude, don’t we? Being selfish and using them for their own gain. Where then is the true essence of friendship?

The same thing is with God. We only need God when we need Him to do some thing for us. After that God is totally forgotten until we call upon Him again to meet another need of ours. We make use of God only to ask Him to provide us with all that is needed in our life. Is that why we need God?

Dearly beloved friends, do you not think that God does not know on what motives are you calling upon Him? God sees your heart directly where man cannot penetrate. God knows the intention of your heart, the good ones and also the bad ones. Be assured that nothing is hidden before His very eyes.

God knows what you are going through daily in your life. God sees it very clearly. God knows your daily burdens. God wants you to seek Him and have fellowship with Him everyday. Thanking Him daily in whatever situation or circumstances you are in today. Rejoice in the Lord always in whatever situation you may be in today. Remember that you are serving a living God who formed you and created you.

Today, my beloved friends, what is your relationship with God based on? Are we thankful to God at all times in rainy and sunny days? Are we thankful to God in times that made us cry and laugh? Are we calling on God daily not looking at the situations or circumstances that we are in today? Do you thank God only when He grants your request? Don’t God need more than that? To love Him with all our heart because He loved us first!

Friends, today the message is to have fellowship with God everyday. The more you have fellowship with God the more you will know His will upon your life. The more you will be connected to God and no evil shall befall upon you. Seek God with all of your heart, mind and soul and see the daily miracle s in your life. Have a blessed weekend and be blessed at all times. Love you all with the love of Jesus Christ my Lord.

God Bless





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