God carries your daily burdens

3 09 2012

Shabbat Shalom and greetings to all my beloved friends around the globe in the mighty and resurrected name of Our Lord Jesus Christ our perfect Savior, Redeemer and Deliverer.My prayer for you is that ,stay strong at all times and never ever give up on God. Do take time to read the rest of the article and stay blessed at all times. Dearly beloved friends, where ever you are today around the globe believe and be assured that God is with you all the time in all situations and circumstances. As humans we all undergo and face problems and trials of many kind. There are many who are not able to handle life situations and many have gone under depression. The reason is because we rather depend and trust on our own strength rather on God.

Dear friends, depending on our own strength many of us have in fact brought failure into our lives. Do you know that God is very much interested in each one of us? Our daily burdens are very small in the sight of God because we are serving a mighty and living God. A God who sees, hears and answers all our prayer, intercessions and petitions no matter how small they may be.

Dearly beloved friends, whatever you are undergoing today, God is telling you to surrender it fully into His mighty hands. The written word of God in the gospel of St Matthew 6:25-34 clearly states that we should not worry. We should not worry about our life. God knows all our needs. When God can provide food at the right time for all the birds of the air, are you not much more worthy then these birds? Remember that we are God’s creation and we are much more worthy than anything else to God.

Dearly beloved friends, by worrying can we add a single hour to our life? We only bring sickness upon our life because we worry too much on our daily burdens. In the written word of God it is said that God carries our daily burdens. How small or how big your problems maybe, leave it into the hands of the specialist that is God. Who knows you better than your Creator!

Dearly beloved friends, today God is inviting you to cast all your burdens upon Him and God will handle things for you. When you surrender all your burdens unto God, believe and have faith that God will deliver you out of your problems. Without faith it is impossible for God to work in you. All God ever wants from you is a mustard seed faith that you believe that God will do all things for you.

Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and “all” things will be added unto your life (Matthew 6:33). This is God’s message for you. The choice is still in your hands, whether you want God to handle your daily burdens or you handle it by yourselves. God is a gentleman. He never forces anyone. Have a truly blessed day and a blessed week.

God Bless





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