Where Is Your BIBLE Today?

30 10 2012

Shalom and greeting I bring to you my beloved friends around the globe in the mighty and resurrected name of Our Lord Jesus Christ, our perfect Savior, Redeemer and Deliverer. My prayer for you today is that in all times and in all situations God will never ever abandon or leave you till the end. Do take time to read the article and to know the promises of God to His children. Stay blessed at all times.God is good all the time and all the time God is good. My beloved ones, it is indeed true that God is indeed good at all times and at all times God is good in whatever situation or circumstances we are in today. Today if you are reading this article, there are a few things that you will see in this article that will boost up your Faith in God.

Today sad to say, that there are many believers who have left their faith. The reason is because in times of trials and temptations we do not get back to the written word of God which is still alive and true till this very day. We tend to handle all our problems all by ourselves and not letting God to handle it. As long as we depend on our very strength, we will always be weak. We cannot handle all life’s problem by our own. We need God to intervene into our lives and surrender all things unto Him.

Dearly beloved ones, some of us may think why do we need to burden God with all our problems? Do you think that you and I can handle our problems whatever we are facing today on our own? To me personally and being honest to myself, I really can’t. I need God in every area of my life. I need God in my family, in my working place, on a journey, on decisions that I am going to make whether it deals with my life spiritually or physically.  I need God at all times.

At times I use to wonder, that people are so quick to put their trust in men rather than in God. They find it much easier to put their trust in mere human beings rather than God their creator. Who knows us better, God or man? Our Creator or just another human being who is a creation from God? God knows you and I personally even before we were brought into this world.

Beloved friends, I am not being  judgmental but let me ask you, where is your Bible today? To know that we are serving a living God and to know all the promises of God for His children, we must know the written word of God. We are to be seasoned with the written word of God at all times. The word of God should be written in our hearts and in our minds. Why is it so important to know the written word of God? The reason…in times of trouble and when the storms of life hits us from every side, we will be able to stand our ground when the written word of God is within us. Nothing and absolutely nothing will be able to shake you.

Dearly beloved ones, be connected with the written word of God everyday. I am a testimony to why the written word of God is still alive within me till today. I owe it to my late mum Mary Grace. She was the one that made me to get into the written word of God. I really went through a lot of life’s problem and I am not ashamed to reveal it. Through the times of trials in my life the written word of  God became my source of Strength and Comfort. God became my Provider, Defender, Healer, Comforter and my Peace. It was at these times that when I was weak God made me into a strong woman. Till today, miracles still happens in my life.

Friends, if the written word of God is not in you how will you be able to know that God is what I have mentioned above. God’s word is indeed like a double edged sword piercing into you. Yes, the written word of God is to discipline, correct and to rebuke us. That is why we all need the written word of God to be within us 24/7 daily and not only on Sundays where we go to hear the word of God.

Friends, God desires to speak to each one of us daily through His written word which is still alive and fresh till this very day. Remember that your Bible is not for display but to be used daily as our manual for life. Get yourselves drowned into the word of God and thirst for it as a deer would thirst for the water. I have tasted it and I want you too my beloved ones to experience it. Believe it, you will not ever regret it. There is still so much for me to discover in this Book of Life that we as believers need daily.

Beloved ones, God loves you very much no matter in what situation you are in today. God does not turns anyone who comes before Him. God is a loving person full of passion but it is we who do not really understand His love for us. Today, God is telling you to get into His word of Life to get to know that He cares for you and He will deliver you from whatever situation you are stuck in today. Believe in Him in Faith and see the hands of God at work in your life. Be blessed at all times.

God Bless





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