Clean and Unclean

2 11 2012

Shabbat shalom and greetings I bring to you my beloved friends around the globe in the Mighty and Resurrected name of Our Lord Jesus Christ our Savior, Redeemer and Deliverer. My prayer for you and your entire household is that whatever you do may God’s blessings and approval be with you according to His most perfect will. Do take time to read the rest of the article and be blessed. 

Greetings I bring to you again in the name of Our gracious Lord Jesus Christ. God Is Good All The Time And All The Time God Is Good. Dearly beloved friends, at times we do hear people saying that we should not eat this food or that food because some are clean and some are unclean. When we consume certain food they say that it makes one to become and unclean person. Is it really true that by consuming certain food a person can become unclean? Let us read what the written word of God has to say on a person being clean and unclean by the food that he or she eats.

Dearly beloveds, can anything outside a man make him “unclean” by going into him? In the Gospel of St Mark 7:14 as it is written, Again Jesus called the crowd to him and said, “Listen to me, everyone and understand this. Nothing outside a man can make him ‘unclean’ by going into him. Rather, it is what comes out of a man that makes him ‘unclean.'” Very true indeed. There are many of us out there that are so judgmental about what others eat. They will just blatantly throw their comments even without thinking before they speak.

Dear friends, Jesus mostly spoke to his disciples in parables looking at the background they are from. Even to the people who surrounded Jesus to hear his message, Jesus spoke to them mostly in parables so that they could understand him. But still after hearing what Jesus spoke, the disciples still could not get what Jesus was saying to them about foods that are clean and unclean. Jesus told the disciples that “nothing that enters a man from the outside can make him unclean.” For it doesn’t go into his heart but into his stomach then out of his body.Here Jesus was speaking about our digestive system. (In saying this, Jesus declared all foods ‘clean.’)

Dearly beloved friends, what really makes a person clean and unclean?  The written word of God in the Gospel of St Mark chapter 7:19 clearly declares that all foods are declared clean by our Lord Jesus. So what make a person so unclean if it is not by the food that he or she is consuming? Jesus Christ went on saying in Mark 7:30 as it is written, “What comes out of a man is what makes him ‘unclean’.” For from within, out of men’s hearts, come evil thoughts, sexual immorality, theft, murder, adultery, greed, malice, deceit, lewdness, envy, slander, arrogance and folly. All these evils come from inside and makes a man ‘unclean.’ So friends, this is what really makes a person ‘unclean.’ It is so true indeed because it comes out from inside out meaning what is in our hearts that is what is coming out.

What makes a person beautiful? Is it their outer looks or their inner ones? What is within your heart makes you look beautiful. If your heart is beautiful with a godly character you can see it on one’s face but if the heart is full of wickedness and jealously you too can see it on their faces. It all comes from within a person. In conclusion it is the “Matter of the HEART.” God looks at our inner hearts and is our hearts right before God today? Have a truly blessed day and stay blessed at all times. Love you all with love of Jesus Christ.

God Bless





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