God the Silent Listener to every conversation…

18 01 2013

Jeremiah 33.3Shabbat shalom and greetings to all my beloved ones around the globe in the mighty  and resurrected name of our Lord Jesus Christ our Savior, Redeemer and Deliverer. May the peace of God  always rest upon your families now and forever. God is good all the time and all the time God is good in all situations and circumstances. Please do read the rest of the article and be blessed at all times. Dearly beloved friends, today is the 18th of Jan 2013 and this will be my first article for the beginning of the year. God has led each one of us through all the years till this year 2013. There were so many ups and downs in our life. We had crossed so many rough paths and also the smooth ones. There were things that made us to cry and there were also things that made us to smile. All in all, God was in control of every situation and circumstances in our life.

Dearly beloved friends, just take a moment and pause to look back at all the things that happened to you all these years and you are still able to read this article because of God’s grace, mercy, love and His promises to each one of us. That is indeed itself a miracle that God has been with us. At times, we would think what is there to be grateful about in this life? You are alive and that gives you the reason to be grateful and to give praises to God alone.

Friends, we are not to lose hope at all in any situations in our life. We are living and serving a living God who has eyes that sees your tears, ears that hears your pleading cry unto him, a heart that feels the pain and suffering that you are going through, hands that had carried you through the heavy storms when you fell to the ground because of your weaknesses. That is the God that we are still serving till today. God still calls upon us to call upon him at any time of the day. No appointments made but only your time to be with God. How lovely, it is right?

Beloved friends, that is why we need to have a daily talk or conversation with God and not only on Sundays. We need God every time that we may not fall in our weaknesses.  Understand that God is the silent listener to every conversation that we have with him or with others too in our surrounding. Take time to talk to God about what you are facing and going through. Today you may be travelling on a rough road. You may need to make important decisions in your life. You may be lost and confused along your journey. But behold and be glad that there is someone out there who knows what you are going through.

Dear friends, God has led me through so many storms in my life. My journey of life was not always smooth. I did endured much hardships along the way. But in all these situations that secret recipe in my life was that in all these situations I did not let go off the hands of God my creator. The more time you spend talking to God, the closer you will feel the presence of God in your daily walk of life. God never,never abandons anyone who come to Him in Faith and believe that God himself will lead you through.

Dearly beloved ones, no one is perfect at all. We do all have our own weaknesses in many ways. People and the society may condemn, discriminate and say all things about you. Leave all things into the hands of God. It is man who puts you under condemnation but not God.  That is the big difference between God and man. Anyway what is man that we have to be mindful about him! Man is just but another creation of God. We live to please God and not man.  When we live to please man we make man to become our God’s who will then have control over your lives.

Beloved ones, submit yourself to God today and see the hands of God upon your life. In the eyes of God we are all one. Only know that the time spent with God is time well spent. God delivered me from so many situations in my life and God will do the same for you too. If God has not done these things for me I will not be able to give my testimony. My God is faithful  and never has abandon be at any one time. God was my comfort and is my comfort till today. No doubts about that.

Today, come before God as you are. No matter what hopeless situation you are in today. All are welcome before God. Take this opportunity today and talk to God. It is a free direct line free of charge. Jeremiah 33.3 in the Old Testament is an invitation from God to His people to call upon Him and God will deliver you. The choice is still in your hands to decide. Have a truly blessed weekend and may the peace of the Almighty God reign in your homes and families. Love you all with the love of God.

God Bless





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