Daily fellowship with God

14 03 2013

Fellowship With God 2Shalom and greetings I bring to you my beloved friends around the globe in the mighty and resurrected name of our Lord Jesus Christ, our perfect Savior,Redeemer and Deliverer. In all situations and circumstances that you are in today, believe that you are not alone but God is with you and he has total control of whatever you are going through. Please do take time to read this article and may you be blessed in every way. God Bless.

Dearly beloved friends, greetings again I bring to you in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Many of us day in and day out are going through journey’s that we take in our daily life. Some are smooth journey’s while others are rough. As we journey through these journey’s in life, whether it is a rough or a smooth one do we converse with God daily?

Beloved friends, many of us often do forget to say a pray or what I call in my term as a “conversation” with God. Do you know that the more you have a daily conversation with God there is always peace in your heart? Most of us are having a very busy lifestyle and a tight agenda that we really do not have time to talk to God.

Beloved friends, we are all designed to have fellowship with God everyday for that is why we are created,to have a daily fellowship with God. You can talk to God anytime of the day no matter where you are. You maybe in your kitchen, garden, in your car, at your office table or even in a shopping center. God hears you no matter where you are.

Many Christians today have really forgotten to have a daily fellowship with God and it is a really sad thing. We only want to have fellowship with God only on Sunday’s. But what about the remaining six days? God longs for us to have a daily fellowship with him no matter what situation we may be in. This shows the trust and confidence and faith that we have in a living God that we all as believers serve.  Let not the things of this world draw us away from God.

Beloved friends, the more we are connected with God the more we will be able to understand the nature of God. We will be able to experience how loving is our God towards us. People may look down on us but God draws us closer to his heart. The society may not want us but God desires us to be with him. That is the kind of God that we serve.

Dear friends, today God is still waiting for us to have a daily fellowship with him. Do not be shy to talk to God. He is not a dead God but a living God that created you and I. God desires our praise and worship daily for they are like incense offered up unto him. In all things give thanks and glory to God alone. Only the name of God is to be magnified and glorified. The choice is still in your hands my beloved friends. Think about it and start having fellowship with God daily instead only on a Sunday. May the peace of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit remain with each one of us. Love you all with the love of Jesus Christ our Lord. Stay blessed and be blessed at all times.

God Bless





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