Lord use my brokenness!

28 05 2013

183368_10152097184620206_887937457_nShalom and greetings of peace I bring to you my beloved ones around the globe in the mighty and resurrected name of our Lord Jesus Christ our perfect Savior, Redeemer and Deliverer. My prayer for you my beloved ones is that, may the love of God be upon your families at all times no matter what situation you are in today. Do take time to read the rest of the article and God Bless.

My dearly beloved ones! As we look at today’s topic it speaks about “brokenness!” Many of us would have been broken spiritually and physically and we cannot deny it. If we really take a good look around us, we will see many people who are believers who have in some way or another been broken down because of situations! Many believers would live in their brokenness for years and years. They feel that they are not worthy anymore in the eyes of the society and in the eyes of God,thus they remain in that situation for years.

Dearly beloved ones, brokenness can happen because of things and incidents that happened in our life due to our own weaknesses. But we must not let our brokenness to stop us from doing what God wants us to do. God has so many plans for us. God is a good God. God is a God full of mercy,love and compassion.  There are many God chosen people in the bible that have fallen away on their journey because of their brokenness but was able to get back to God and they became mighty conquerors for God.

My beloved ones, today you may be in a situation of being broken spiritually and physically. God knows what you are going through daily and He sees it all. It is because of your brokenness that you have stopped in your spiritual journey, and mind you, that Satan is very happy about it! The more you withdraw yourself from God the more Satan will use your brokenness as your weakness. Satan will make you believe that God does not love you anymore and he will rule over your spirit, soul and body! Do not let Satan have a foothold on your life!

Today, God is calling you my beloved ones. God does not condemn anyone because of their brokenness and weaknesses. In your brokenness call upon God and God will deliver you. God will strengthen you and uplift you with His mighty hands. God knows your weaknesses and God wants to renew you in your spirit,soul and body. God wants to empower you again. All you ever have to do is to get back to God and tell God to “use your brokenness!” You cannot use an egg unless you break it open and it is the same with us as children of God. God is interested in those who are broken vessels and out of this broken vessels, God is able to do things that will bring glory to His name!

My beloved ones, the choice is still in your hands whether you want God to use you or do you want to remain in your brokenness forever! Think about it my beloved ones. Do not let Satan to have a foothold over you. Have a blessed day and may the peace of God the Father,the Son and the Holy Spirit reign in your hearts forever and  upon your entire household.

God Bless!






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