Why Knowing Family Roots Are Important!

23 06 2013

Family Root 1Shabbat Shalom and greetings I bring to you my beloved ones around the globe in the  mighty and resurrected name of Our Lord Jesus Christ our perfect Savior,Redeemer and Deliverer. My prayer for you today is that may the hands of God Almighty keep showering His mighty blessings upon you and your entire household. Do take time to read the rest of the article and may you be blessed in all ways. Stay blessed and God Bless. 

Dearly beloved ones, once again I come to you with my written article on the above topic. Let us see why knowing our roots is important and why we should keep in touch with all our family members from both sides! If you do not know your roots you do not know where you come from! A very good example is found in why knowing ones roots are important can be seen in the Old Testament in Genesis chapter 5 from Adam to Noah and a few more are still found in the Old Testament and followed by the Genealogy of Jesus in the gospel of St Matthew where a record of the genealogy of Jesus Christ the son of David, the son of Abraham! The gospel of St Matthew in chapter 1 begins with the genealogy of Jesus Christ where the importance of the  roots of Jesus Christ is mentioned!

Dearly beloved ones, likewise we are to follow the same. Knowing your roots is compulsory. Today, how many of us know where we come from? How many of us do we know that we have some cousins from both sides that we have not keep in touch for umpteen years? How many of your children know their cousins,aunts,uncles,granduncles, grandaunts,grandnieces,grandnephews and all the roots that is along the way that are connected with one another. It is a real sad thing not knowing your roots from both sides. Your kids should know their roots from both their parents side and not only on one side, where we still see this kind of things taking place!

Dearly beloved ones, many people don’t know about their extended family. They are acquainted with parents, maybe grandparents, and siblings.• Beyond that, it is a mystery waiting to be solved! Have we ever wondered while travelling on a train,plane or a bus and there are our cousins and relatives who will be travelling on the same transportation and we are not at all aware of them. What about our kids? The same goes with them. Their cousins may be seen shopping in the same shopping center but they are not aware that they are cousins related to one another. Who are we to blame for such scenario to take place? Are we taking the time to sit down and tell our kids about their roots. The people that are connected to them on both sides?

In those days, parents would take all the old photographs and compiled it and keep it as something really treasured. I still remember my dad telling us about stories of his family and so did my mum! Just imagine that both of them had not told us anything about their family roots, do you think that today we will recognize who is who! God gave us families and we are to treasure each one in the family. Lately I had put up some old photographs of both my mum and dad’s side to hoping that whoever is connected to that roots will come online. Guess what? The response that I got was really amazing and saddening! I had nephews and nieces who got in touch with me and asked me, are you my aunt? How are we related and so on! Brought tears to my eyes in fact.

Beloved friends that I love, no matter what situation you are in today, make sure that your kids know their roots from both sides. No family is perfect! Yes, we all have misunderstandings but that should not keep you away from telling your kids who are in the family line. It will really be unfair to them that because of family feuds, the kids are being deprived from knowing their roots! Give a thought on that my beloved ones. Do not let the devil to have a foothold on your family. That is the devils work to break the unity in most family instuition designed by God, where there are bitterness, hate,rage and revenge. We are only born once with our siblings and all  our loved ones in the family.

Dearly beloved ones, it is never too late to start, even now! Start by telling them about their roots and extended families. This can be done while having a quality family time over the meals that you have for the day. Sit together with your kids and tell them about your stories about your younger days. That is what my dad and my uncle used to do when we were in the police camp. And not to regret we cousins till today are connected with one another.Share beautiful memories with them. Kids remember more when you tell them stories. It will be kept in their minds. Talk to them about values. I do relate to my kids about my late dad because both of my kids have not met their granddad but lucky they had the chance to be with my late hubs dad who is their granddad. Thank God for that. My hub too takes time to sit and tell both my kids about his younger day stories and about his siblings and cousins who are in his family roots too!

Dear friends,  doing family research can teach you that there is more to life than money. Money is not everything in this world! There are more valuable things in this world that money can never,never buy. Friends, before I end my article, as responsible adults let us all leave a Legacy to our kids. Each of us has a legacy to leave the ones who come after us. Sharing family facts through stories or a written history opens a window into the life of the people who made it possible for us to be here in the first place.Give a thought on that. Remember that these are treasure values and assets that money can never buy. Have a truly blessed day with your loved ones,family and friends.

God Bless.





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