LOVE YOU MUM! Gone but not Forgotten!

18 08 2013

20130814_233426 - CopyShabbat Shalom and greetings I bring to you my beloved ones around the globe in the matchless name of Our Lord Jesus Christ our perfect Savior, Redeemer and Deliverer. It has been almost a month since  last wrote an article on my blog. My prayer for you my beloved ones is that God will always lead you in all your ways according to His will and not our will. For His thought are not our thoughts neither are His ways our ways. Stay blessed and be blessed at all times.

Greetings again to all of you by beloved ones around this globe. Today the 18th of August 2013 is a day that I will not be able to forget. It is a day that this beautiful godly woman was called back to her eternal home in heaven. It has been 14 years since my beloved mum has gone to be with her Creator. Time passes so fast! Before I go on writing, a gentle reminder to all of you who have your mums with you right now. Do appreciate this God given gift to you. No use to regret when they are gone forever. Now let me tell you something wonderful and special about my late mum. Why she was so special to me and my siblings in so many ways.

Her name was Mary Grace N.C Thomas. My grandparents had rightly given her that name. My mum was a person full of love and grace. She was loved by so many people around her. She was the Woman of Proverbs 31! A godly and a god fearing person in all her ways. Never ever thought or ever had the hint to do any bad things to anyone. She was a graceful and a humble person. A hardworking person and a was diligent with her hands. A very talented person in all things. A positive woman who only thinks of positive things. She always creates positive vibrations to those around her. A very determined woman in all matters that concerns her and her family. My mum was a good adviser, a good businesswoman, good at gardening, a great cook and a superb tailor. All our clothes are sewn by her for the girls.My dad loved her so much and they were both the most romantic couple I would say! They were a perfect model as husband and wife for me as I grew up. Both were God fearing people and me and my siblings were brought up in a god fearing way. Till today, I owe it to both of them because of my prayer life! One word she told me was that her generation should be all brought up in a God fearing way.

Me and my siblings were not brought up in a silver spoon. We knew what was hardship. My dad was just an ordinary policeman. And she brought us all up. Even in times of hardship, believe it or not we still had good food to eat. One thing that God has blessed us with. There is always food on our table and we still could share our food with our neighbors children who do come to our home for lunch or dinner. That I will certainly call as a blessing! God always provided all our needs.

She was a prayerful person and a mighty prayer warrior. In all things she has victory only through prayers. Her secret ingredient in her blessed life is only “PRAYER!” She prays and intercedes for everyone. Believe it or not, when she was admitted at the  Pantai Hospital she was interceding for people. I was there taking care of her. She spoke to me so many things that had divine intervention. We were both prayer partners. Those were her last stages before God called her back home on the 18th of August 1999. It was the eve of her wedding day.She went away from her own home. Her funeral was on her wedding day the 19th of August. She was like and angel in the coffin box. So godly beautiful and graceful because of the love,grace and mercy of God in her life.

Me and my siblings are indeed so much blessed to have such a blessed mum. She was a wonderful and loving grandmother,mother in law,aunt,sister and a friend to all who knew her.She treated everyone equally without seeing any difference. It has been 14 years now and we know that you are in a much better place. Even though you are not here with us physically, mum you still live within each one of us in our hearts never to be forgotten till we all meet again on the other side of that beautiful shore. Thank you Mum for everything that you had taught and left us with! Loving and missing you!

With love from Noami Chelliah (daughter),Avelyn Sarah Samson & Aaron Samson(grandchildren).

Dedicated to my late mum Mary Grace N.C.Thomas.

God Bless.




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