17 10 2013

Shalom and greetings I bring to you my beloved ones around the globe today, in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ, my perfect Savior,Redeemer and Deliverer. My prayer for all of you today, is that Love will reign in our hearts today and that we will be able to love one another as how Christ our Lord Jesus had loved everyone regardless of who they were. We are to follow the example that our Lord Jesus had taught us.Please do take time to read the article that I have posted. Stay Blessed and God Bless.

God Is  Love 1Today we see that the majority of people are fighting over religious issues! This has become a very sensitive issue that will break the unity in all mankind. Where is this religion called “LOVE?” The majority of us have really forgotten about this religion called LOVE! If only we could all love one another without seeing our differences, the world would be a better place for you and I and for the future generation to come.

Just a small sharing.I am not afraid that my Faith will be shaken if I go to a Hindu temple,a Surau, a Sikh temple or to a Buddhist temple! As a Christian, I have been to a Hindu temple, a surau, a Sikh temple and to a Buddhist temple for your information my beloved ones. When I was a young girl in my teenage years we were still living in the police camp in PPH Hulu Kinta. We had good Hindu neighbors like, Aunt Subrayan,Aunt Siva Pragasam,Aunt Sivalingam,Aunt Kanapathy,Aunt Perumal,Aunt Mahalingam and a few more. They were all lovely people. We use to attend the festivals at the Batu 8 Ganesan Temple. I was not afraid to be there. It was not a threat to my faith.

All my immediate neighbors were Muslims, mind you that my beloved one! During the Maghrib prayers at about 8.00 pm around that, correct me if I am wrong, it was always on the television. We use to see it every time and everyday 365 days yearly. I and my siblings could recite the prayer that is done glorifying Allah! We could recite it even without looking at it! This has not interfered in our Christian Faith. We are all strong Church leaders today! I was even invited by the Muslimat PAS( Opposition political party) from Manjoi to give a small ceramah inside a Surau. I boldly went and gave that ceramah(political speech). I had a Cross hanging on my chain around my neck. I did not hide it and it was visible to all of them.I started my” ceramah”(political speech) by telling them first that I was a Christian and I am their “saudara!”(meaning brothers and sisters). Surrounded by almost 70 people or more, me, my daughter and son were the only Christians there.They were such loving people both the men and women. This was not a threat to my Faith.

In the Selangor by-election 2009, I was there to help out. Me and my friend Jan both from PKR ( Opposition political party)were there. We had to stay overnight there. There was a temple Sikh chairman, who offered his home to both of us to stay for the night. Another blessing for me.Treated me so well that even we had morning breakfast prepared by his wife for us. Went to the Sikh temple there, attended their prayers and of cause I had to cover my head with a scarf! That was not a prob for me. After that we had a good dinner served at the hall beside the place of worship. This too was not a threat to my faith!

Was in a Buddhist temple as well with my friends who were Buddhist. This too was not a threat to my Faith. All these gatherings and fellowship in fact was a blessing to me. I can mix freely with any people of any race and religion. Why? It is because all of us are children of that One Sovereign God of this Universe.We are all children of Adam and Eve and we all come from that one lineage.

We are all serving that One Sovereign God but in different ways and in different “tongues!” No ones religion is superior than other! Religion was man made. There is only One religion and that religion is call “LOVE!” We have all missed out on this religion that we call “LOVE!” GOD IS LOVE AND LOVE IS GOD! If we cannot love the people that God has put in front of us, how are we ever going to Love the Unseen Sovereign God the Creator that created You and I! If only we could all love one another without seeing our differences, the world would be a better place for you and I and for the future generation to come. Give a thought on that my beloved ones. From the desk of jasmine.c





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