“Why Do Women Lose Their Hubs To Other Women?”

8 05 2014

Wedding hands 2 - Copy (2)A blessed evening to all my beloved ones. First and foremost let me share on “Why Do Women Lose Their Hubs To Other Women?” Why I wanted to comment on this is because the rate of divorce in our community is going rather high and it is quite a worrying issue.Husband and wives are made for each other to cherish and love and to be a support to each other in good times and bad times,in sickness and in health. And only in death do us part!

Women have you ever sat down and wondered what really happened? Where is the love and romance that you once had with your beloved hub? Where are the things that you have done together when you were both married. Things were so beautiful at that time. But what happened to all those things now?
What is it that the “other” woman have that you don’t? What drew your hub away from you and now you both are living different lives. Women,do you still remember the way you use to dress and look beautiful for your hub? Many women let go off this things and take it for granted and do not take the time to upkeep themselves.Once they have children they let go off all this things.

The children become more important than your hub and you place your kids as your main priority above your hub. Men want to feel wanted and important at all time.Dress how your hub wants you to dress. If he is the modern type of a person, dress according to his taste.Know what he wants from you.Cook and serve him at the table with love.Many women lack that.Those little things will bind your relationship together.Do the best that you can for him!

And what about romance? Sorry for being very open on this matter! Many women that I know failed on this matter and it is a saddening issue. Sex is a beautiful thing design by God for “married couples” to enjoy.As it is written in 1 Corinthians 7:3-4, ” The husband should fulfill his marital duty to his wife and likewise the wife to her husband.The wife’s body does not belong to her alone but also to her husband.” Enjoy sex with your husband to the maximum.Do what he wants you to do! You are his wife right and you married the man that you adored at that time. What happened to it all? It is when you lack romance and intimate relationship with your hub, that is when he strays away from home and seek the company of another women who can fulfill his sexual desire.Where are the hugs,kisses and cuddles that you gave him at one time? It is not only the sexual desire that counts but the way these women treat the men who seek their company.They make them to feel important! If you are not going to do it, the other woman will do it for him. Remember that you are his legal married wife.Do what he wants you to do. Nothing wrong with that. Who is to be blame when this happens? Women like to make themselves feel old.You are not old unless you make yourself to look like one. That is why I included dressing as one of the reason. You were designed and created beautifully by God from the top to the bottom! God has given women beautiful assets.

Financial problem must not be the reason that you are heading for a divorce. There are ups and downs. Marriage is not a BED OF ROSES at all! In good times and in bad times spouses are to be together and sort out things.Don’t blame each other for everything.No one is perfect and we all have our weaknesses. Work on your weaknesses.Another thing is do not compare your husband to another man. Remember that all 5 fingers are not the same.

Another reason is STOP being a nagging wife! When you start nagging your husband gets fed up and that is another reason where there will be breakup in families.Try to be a good listener. Many hubs want their wives to listen to their problems and what they have got to say. But if you do not have the patience to listen to him, then there he goes finding for a woman who will sit patiently and hear to all the problems that he has. And finally, he will get comfortable with the other woman and get stuck on to her.Who is to be blame for that??

When the issue of divorce comes up it is not from only one side but both sides.You cannot only blame your husband when the weaknesses are also found in the women. I am not siding the men here! Will share on the hubs issue later. Respect your husband in front of your kids and others too.Do not put him down in front of the kids and others.Remember that they are man and the head of the household. Women should submit to your hubs. By submitting to your hubs you are not a slave.God created man first then only woman was created.Eve was created to be a helper to Adam.A woman is not the head of a household.

Marriage is a very fragile issue. All marriages are made in heaven. Remember the wedding vows when you take them before God and the priest, no matter what religious background that you come from! Marriages can be saved only if spouses can come together and sit down and reason out their problems and surrender it to God.Respect one another. Do give a thought on that my beloved ones.There is more to it and will share it some other time.What I have commented here was in fact told to be by my beloved late mum.She told me before and after my wedding in fact how a wife should treat her husband.She was very open to me on issues of husband and wife relationship.Holding on to her advice,yes my marriage to my late hub was a blessed one indeed. Keeping all married couples in my prayer.






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