Surrender Your All To God

20 06 2014

Surrender to God 1Shalom and blessed greetings I bring to you my beloved ones across the globe today in the name of God the Father,Son and Holy Spirit.My prayers for you today, is that God will fill your hearts with His peace and love as you continue to seek God daily and have fellowship with him. Do take time to read this article and be blessed.

A small sharing to all my beloved ones.Are you at the crossroad not knowing what to do with your life and being in a confused state of mind? Each and everyone of us out there are fighting our very own battle everyday. Our battles differ from one another.No life journey is ever smooth. On our journey of life, we at times have to take the rocky paths too. No road is ever smooth for anyone of us. But how we manage our journey is what matters the most! We may look at others and envy them because of their life that is without problems. But do you really think that they are at peace and not undergoing any life problems? Each one is fighting a battle silently that is within them that cannot be seen by others.Who do not have problems? We are living on earth and not in heaven!

In our daily life, we need to undergo and face the challenges in this life.Thinking of Committing Suicide is not a way out to your problems! Who are you to take away your own life? Only God gives life and takes it back at the appointed time when your work is accomplished on earth. Till then we need to endure and persevere with our journey of life with God leading us daily. As I said, the evil one will put negative thoughts within you, he will condemn you and put you in a confused state of mind!

Yes, many are undergoing so many different kinds of trials in their life. It could be a broken relationship, marital problem, unhealthy relationships, drugs, gambling,financial standing, employment, sickness,infirmities,diseases and many more. We cannot run away from all these problems by just thinking that we can commit suicide and it is all settled. Remember that when one opt to suicide, the soul will never rest in peace because their time is not up yet! Thus the soul will be roaming endlessly on earth and will be in a tormented state!

In our journey of life, whatever problems we are facing, surrender it all to God.Walk daily in fellowship with God and stay connected with God at all times. God created you and I and God knows very well what we are undergoing daily. God is not blind to our tears and prayers.Nothing and absolutely nothing is hidden from the eyes of God. We are all an open book before the very eyes of the Supreme God Almighty, the maker of heaven and earth. The breath of life that you are breathing right now is from God and that shows that your Maker and Creator is a living God.

Do you not think that God can handle all your problems,big and small? He is GOD! He is a God of Miracles my beloved ones. Never ever make a hasty decision in your life when you are in a confused state of mind.You are only going to live this life only once! So live this life to the fullest of it and make it to be a meaningful and a beautiful one. May your life be an example for others to follow. Let your life be a testimony to others. Remember that the problems that we are all facing are just temporary. If you can overcome your problems, you are an Over comer and the Victory is yours. There is always a solution to every problem. There is an answer to every prayer.

But what we normally do is we always question God, why has this happened to me? At times through our own weaknesses and ignorance, we bring those problems upon ourselves. We can’t blame God for that but ourselves for it! But God is still good and he wants us to surrender everything that concerns us into his hands and let him to intervene in our situation that seems so hopeless to us. Today my beloved family and friends, God is still present in your life. Come to Him just the way you are and lay down all those problems that you have been carrying for umpteen years into his hands. God does not condemn anyone who comes to him in a broken and crushed spirit and a contrite heart. God knows the very state that you are in today. God knows how broken you are and God wants to heal you today spiritually and physically. The Choice is still in your hands my beloved ones. May the peace of God the Father,Son and Holy Spirit reign in your hearts today and everyday.You are in my prayers.

God Bless.






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