Sow Love and Forgiveness!

18 07 2014

Christ Like Attitude 1Shalom and greetings I bring to you beloved ones here and across the globe in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ, our perfect Savior, Redeemer and Deliverer.May the God of Peace and Love reign in your hearts today and forever and may you be under the divine protection of God at all times. Do take the time to read the below article and do be blessed by it. God speaks through us in many different ways. Stay blessed and God Bless.
Just a small sharing my beloved ones. If we say and claim that we are Christians, there are only two important ingredients in being a good Christian and that is of cause LOVE and FORGIVENESS. This is what makes us to be good solid Christians. Look at the word CHRISTIAN and remove the last 3 alphabets CHRIST IAN from that whole word and the only word that we see there is CHRIST! We who are called as Christians should follow the example of Christ like nature. In Christ all that is seen in Him is only LOVE and FORGIVENESS!

It is because of His Love for all mankind regardless of any race and religion, Christ was crucified to the cross bearing all the sins of this world upon his back. It was the most excruciating death in history. Jesus Christ was without sin but he bore the filth of the sins of this world on Him. He did it for each one of us because of His Love for us. Sin has separated us from God. Everyone of us have sinned against God. Whether it is a small sin or a BIG sin, sin is a sin in the eyes of God. But there is still Forgiveness in God for us.

Jesus Christ was crucified on the Cross 2000 years ago so that through the shedding of his holy blood we are forgiven of our sins and we are reconciled back to God. Christ did not purchased us with gold or silver but by the shedding of his blood on that old rugged Cross in Calvary. It is Free Of Charge!Absolutely FREE! No payment or sacrifices was needed to redeem us from our sins. All because of the Love of God for His people.

Freely we have received Freely we should give it to one another regardless of their race and religion without any cost charged to it, if we are called Christians.That CHRIST like example should be within each one of us who are called believers in Christ Jesus. Aren’t we as disciples of Christ called to follow what the Lord has left us with? Who are we to follow, Christ or the world?

If we bare that name as CHRISTIANS, let us sow LOVE and FORGIVENESS! Yes, it is not an easy thing to do. Some of us, have been hurt, abused, humiliated,betrayed,back stabbed and our names being tarnished. We can never do it on our own strength and we need that divine strength from God to Forgive those who have hurt us.You have got nothing to lose my beloved ones. Forgiveness is a Gift that you give for yourself.Remember that when there is no forgiveness within us,we will live in hurt,bitterness,rejection and we are deprived out of our peace,joy and blessings from God.

Today, my beloved ones, choose to Love and Forgive for that is what God did for all of us.Dear Lord, Forgive us of our trespasses as we forgive those who have trespass against us. Do give a thought on that my beloved ones.Be blessed and stay blessed at all times.

God Bless.






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