Pray,Play,Honor and Stay Together

9 09 2014

Marriage 8Shalom and blessed greetings I bring to you my beloved ones here and across the globe today in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ,our perfect Savior, Redeemer and Deliverer.May the God of peace reign in your homes and families today and may you lack no good thing from the Lord above.Do take time to read the below article and do be blessed by it. Stay blessed and God Bless. A small loving gentle reminder to all spouses out there. Marriage is not a bed of roses as the saying goes. In today’s present time, we see a lot of divorce cases in families no matter what background we come from. Believing families too are going through divorce. There are a few reasons to it why many marriages are going through problems and end up in divorce cases. At times most spouses take one another for granted. It does not only take one to have a successful and blessed marital life but it takes two.  These are little things that spouses take for granted that matters in their marriage. In my marriage with my late hub, yes these were the little ingredients in our marriage that made it to be a blessed one.We too had our ups and downs and weaknesses too but we knew how to overcome it together. Both spouses need to understand one another.

Remember that no one is perfect and we all have our weaknesses and just to share this with you spouses out there. Never ever go a day without telling your spouses that you love each other, hug one another and make sure you often kiss one another too and always forgive each other before you retire to bed.Play your favorite games and spend time together over an indoor games or an outdoor ones. Have activities that you both love to get involved in together. These are little things that in fact matters! You will never know that it could be the last night that you are having with your spouse.Tomorrow is never destined to anyone of us.

I had all these in my blessed marriage for the past 22 years. Above all, the spouses that Pray together stay together. You need that third divine person, God as the Foundation in your marriage. Believe me, that if you do not have God as the foundation in your marital life, be assured that the enemy the evil one is ever waiting to come in and create havoc and jeopardize your marriage. Do not have open avenues in your marriage for the devil to have easy access into your family and homes. Guard and shield it with God’s divine protection everyday. Do give a thought on that my beloved ones.

Just to add another ingredient into your marital life is that, spouses should honor one another and not put one another down in public or even when you are with your family and friends. At times there are spouses who degrade their better halves in front of others with comments that really hurt them.This is not at all nice. Have you ever thought how your spouses would have felt? The hurt that is within them and the humiliation and accusation that spouses throw on one another. Spouses are suppose to encourage one another,protect and defend each other. Remember every one has their own talents. Never compare your husband and wife with other spouses. You do not know what is happening in their lives. These are little things that we need to take into consideration my beloved ones. Do give a thought on that my beloved ones.

Dear Lord, I want to take this time to pray that you will heal all marriages that at this time are hitting the rocks. Let there be understanding between the spouses. No marriage is a Perfect Marriage. Marriage is less about perfection and more about perseverance.May they come together before you in prayer seeking your guidance to overcome problems that can be solved and to sit down to communicate with one another and not to to jump into any hasty decisions. Praying for your spirit of reconciliation to be upon couples who are thriving in their marital life. Asking all these in your most precious name Abba God.

God Bless.





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