Perseverance In Marriage!

22 09 2014

Marriage 7Shalom and blessed greetings I bring to you my beloved ones here and around the globe today in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ,our perfect Savior, Redeemer and Deliverer. My prayer for you is that in all things that concerns your life, may God be that strong foundation. May God heal all relationships and the spirit of reconciliation be there. May the peace of God the Father,God the Son and God the Holy Spirit remain with you and your entire household. Do take time to read the below article and be blessed at all time. God Bless.

A gentle advice to married couples. No marital life is a “Bed of Roses!” It is only after getting married will you see the weaknesses in one another. The question here is what are you going to do about it? Are you going to say that it is a big mistake and you regret getting married to your spouse? No marriages are 100% perfect. You will have the ups and downs. This is the time that you will see the real character of your spouse! Are you going to walk out of your marriage or are you going to stay together to fix the marriage?

No one is perfect and we all have our own weaknesses. You cannot blame everything only on one person. It takes two to clap. It takes two to keep a marriage going and it also takes two to end a marriage. If you love the person that you got married to, you should also be able to understand their weaknesses. It is not always all about romance as how we see it portrayed in the movies. They are paid to act in the movies. Marriage is a life time commitment and not a halfway through journey. If you are not matured enough to handle all these then you should not get married.

The divorce rates are getting higher each time. Because of ego and revenge, couples do not want to reconcile back again. Both parties have to take the initiative to heal their marriage. It is not time to take revenge of who can win or who can lose. If the marriage can still be saved, then I think couples should take the initiative to look into matters where they can sit together and work out things. Marriage is not all about PERFECTION but PERSEVERANCE!

Marriage is a journey that is not always smooth cause you have to travel on rocky paths too. Look at the waves at times. Sometimes it is calm and at times it can roar! It is so rough. Likewise what it takes in a marriage is perseverance, understanding, patience, trust, responsibility and above all this is LOVE! It is because that you fell in love with this person that is what makes you want to marry them in the first place right? So where have all the Love gone? You would even have gone against your parents wishes and got married to the one you love.

So why now, has the weaknesses that you see in your spouse has become a reason for you to end up of thinking for a divorce? Unless you have been abused, beaten up violently and on the grounds of marital unfaithfulness, that is a different case. My beloved ones, if you are married and thinking of a divorce, do think carefully before making and taking any decision. The choice is still in your hands. Remember every marriage is not a 100% perfect one!There are trials and storms in every marriage.The grass is not always greener on the other side! Above all these, have God as a foundation in your marital life.Yes, without that divine intervention of God, marriages will collapse! Do give a thought on that my beloved ones.

God Bless.





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