Your PRAYER Can Move The Hands Of God!

7 12 2015

Prayer 3Shalom and a blessed greeting to all of you my beloved ones across the globe. May the Love, Grace and Mercy of God Almighty rest upon you and your families today and may you be blessed in all things. Today are you tired of waiting for an answer from God after so many prayers? Take heart cause the best is yet to come your way my beloved ones as you wait patiently for God. Do take time to read the article below. God Bless.

Dearly beloved ones! Today there are many of us out there that are in situations that we need God to intervene in. At times we get so tired and weary waiting for God to answer us after offering up our prayer request to God. It is a nature of all humans that when we ask God for something in prayer we want an immediate answer to it. I am one of them and at times I would silently ask God, Abba God are you listening to me? Are you there Abba God? Why so long God for you to answer me? But I know that God is telling me to wait patiently upon Him and not to give up the hope and faith that I have in God. I have been through the desert experience in my life and I know how God works and answers me in His time. We have to wait patiently for God to intervene into our life and the situation that we are in. Are we willing to wait patiently upon God?

My beloved ones, it is worth the wait cause when we ask for something in prayer genuinely and sincerely, God does answer us. At times God teaches us to wait upon Him in patience. God teaches us perseverance and endurance that we will be mature enough to handle situations in our life. God doesn’t gives us an answer there and there! God looks down from heaven to see how patiently are we to wait upon Him. But know one thing my beloved ones, know that when we Pray we move the hands of God. Our Prayer does the things that our hands cannot do. When we Pray we move the mountains in our life. 

My dearly beloved ones, your PRAYER in your Weapon! Your PRAYER is the key to move the hands of God. Each time when we pray, we knock at heavens door and God knows it well. Don’t we at times open the door when our family or friends who come knocking at our house door?  Do we shun them away?  We do get up and go and open the door for them right? It is the same with God. The Prayers that we offer up daily to God keeps knocking at heavens door and it will move the hands of God to open the door to answer us.

All we need to do is to wait patiently upon God and have faith that God will answer us in His time. We are not suppose to rush God to answer all our Prayer request. God is all knowing and God knows the best for us and God knows if we have any agenda behind that prayer of ours.May the Prayers that you offer be sincere, genuine and acceptable before God.  And remember that without Faith we cannot please God. And when you ask for something in prayer do not doubt God. Because he who doubts is a double minded person just like the waves of the sea,blown and tossed by the wind.That man should not think that he will receive anything from the Lord, he is a double-minded man,unstable in all he does (James 1:6-8).

My dearly beloved ones, today whatever situation you are in, God knows it very well. Do not get tired and weary why your prayers are not answered yet. Keep on praying and praying and praying and you will see how your prayers have moved the hands of God. Persevere in your prayers. Do not give up. You are lifting up prayers to a living God who can hear you among the millions and the one who sees you from His heavenly dwelling. As the psalmist says, God looks down from above to see if there is any who seeks the face of God. Keep the Faith that your Prayer will move the hands of God.  Stay blessed always at all times.

God Bless.





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