11 02 2016

Ash Wednesday 2Shalom and Blessed Lent Season greetings I bring to all of you my beloved family and friends, far and near and across the globe. Just to share a small write up on Ash Wednesday. Its been a while since I last wrote an article here on my blog. Hope to find that all of you are in the best of health by the grace of God and may God’s blessing and protection be upon you and your kin. Stay blessed my beloved ones and have a Blessed Lent Season 2016.  The Lent season started with Ash Wednesday and that was yesterday. Why do we call it as Ash Wednesday? If we carefully take a look at the Ash it is just ash and nothing more than that. The meaning of Ash is a reminder to let us know that we are all dust and to dust shall we all return to ground. Mankind should not brag about himself, because it was from the earth that the first man Adam was created. The Lent season is a time and chance that we reconnect back to God. Many of us have back slide in our life and have moved away from the presence of God. We need to humble ourselves before God and confess our sins big or small to the One that created us. It is never too late to have a fresh start with God. Come before God just the way you are. Have a right heart of attitude before God. Live a life that is worthy in God’s sight. It is never, never easy to do it. Believe me. But Jesus overcame the devil when he was driven to the desert to be tempted by the devil for 40 days. Jesus was tested by the devil and he overcame the temptations by the written word of God in the Bible. Jesus used every written word of God as a deadly arrow against the devil. Remember that the devil comes to steal, kill and destroy.

The written word of God in the Holy Scriptures is indeed a double edged sword that every Christian believer should use against the devil when he comes against you with every evil scheme to steal whatever peace you have, to kill you with your conscience when you have sinned against God and to destroy you and your family from having fellowship with God. Temptation comes in so many different forms. All these things can come in any form and plan just to take you away from the presence of God. That is the ultimate purpose of the devil. Remember that man was created for only one purpose and that was to have fellowship with his Creator and the evil one will go all out for it to temp you to fall into sin. Remember, that Sin separates us from God!

During this time of the Lent season, let us come before God and ask God to renew us with a steadfast spirit. To give us a new heart that will not rebel against God. To have a heart of obedience. For obedience is better than sacrifice my beloved ones. As we journey through this 40 days of Lent season, may God grant you all the strength that you need. Get rooted into the written word of God daily that you may stand against all the trials and temptations that are coming your way. As our Lord Jesus was tempted in every way, we too will be tempted in every way. Jesus overcame temptation and he will give us the same strength too. Submit to God and resist the devil and he will flee from you (James 4:7). The Bible is not a piece of cake for every occasion but it is our spiritual Daily Bread to be digested and rooted in our hearts and mind so that we can take our stand against the evil one. We cannot overcome the devil by our mere human physical strength but with the spiritual weapon of God. Today, how well do we know the Holy scriptures? The devil knows the scriptures and if you do not know it, you will not be able to withstand the temptation that is coming against you. Remember that the Lent season is a time many of us will observe it with reverence and holiness and mind you that the evil one out there never likes it and he will come against you to temp you in every way that he can. Take guard and stand your ground my beloved ones with your foot rooted in the written word of God. Have a blessed Lent Season.

God bless.





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