22 01 2017

gods-word-3Shalom and blessed greetings I bring to all of you my beloved ones and a blessed new Year 2017. As this will be my first posting for the year, I hope that you will be blessed by it and may God speak to you my beloved ones. LIFE is FRAGILE and we need to handle it with CARE and with GOD as the strong FOUNDATION in our daily life. Our human strength will fail us but not God’s divine strength that He graciously gives each one of us when we come before Him in PRAYER. How are we to be Connected with God if we are Disconnected with Him in our daily life? In Psalm 32:8 God says that He will Instruct, Teach, Counsel and Watch over us. For God to do that, we all need to stay Connected with Him daily through His daily Word my beloved ones. A thought to ponder upon. 

Shalom and blessed greetings I bring to you and your kin my beloved ones far and near. LIFE IS FRAGILE HANDLE IT WITH CARE! Most of us have been on a roller coaster ride. Some of us will scream our life out while others remain calm. How is that?  At times when things take a sudden turn in our lives and goes downhill it is because we get disconnected with God, the Author of our Life. We are so busy with so many things that we lose touch of God’s sight in our life. We take things for granted all the time.WE really do not have time for God. Remember that our life is like a journey on a roller coaster! It goes up and down. When things are up and good in our lives we are happy with it but be caution that the roller coaster also comes downhill. And when it comes down the pressure itself gives us a heart attack to some people because of the fear of falling off the roller coaster. But the real thing is you will never fall off the roller coaster if you are holding on tight to the handle that is in front of you and it is secured below by extra rollers. It is the same thing with God. As long as you are connected daily with God you need not be afraid or in fear because you know that you are connected to God and God is there to hold you securely because of His word within you. God does not put fear in us but the evil one does. 2 Timothy 1;7 as it is written, “God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of love and of a sound mind.” God’s word stands as a safety measure for you and it has connected you and God. Life has its ups and downs and how we handle it together with God that created you and I, we need not be afraid.

So today, where ever you are my beloved ones, whatever you are currently going through, you may be in a hopeless situation and you may think that all is gone but be assured that God will never leave you nor forsake you.Everything is over only if God says so! God loves you and cares for you. God knows what you are going through at this crucial time. He is a God who has seen your tears and has heard you.God has heard you among the millions. Seek the Lord at all times and lean not on your own understanding.God still accepts you in whatever situation you are in today.

God is ever ready to intervene into your situation and deliver you. God will reorganize, rebuild and restore back things in your life not the way how you want it but by the way how God wants it. God knows what is best for you because the future lies not in our hands but in the hands of God that created you and I. GET CONNECTED WITH GOD TODAY! A thought to ponder upon my beloved ones. Have a blessed day with your beloved ones and a blessed week ahead.






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